Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I received an email from my step sister (we can just call her my sister, she's been my step sister for over 20 years) After reading this I was very moved...

Well, I finally made it. 10 inches of healthy hair to donate to Locks of Love and Wigs for Kids. About a year ago I decided that I would grow my hair out to donate to these organizations because it just seemed like a really great thing to do - and my hair was already pretty long so I knew it wouldn't take forever!! But during the past year, breast cancer seems to be plaguing my young friends. In just the past few months I have had 3 friends diagnosed with breast cancer (my dear friend Erin Watson, Judy Marks, and Leslie Kennedy). Seeing them battle this horrible disease with such bravery and courage made my complaints of long scraggly hair seems petty. I was trilled today to finally have reached my 10 inch goal. I know my small donation will not help to cure cancer, but maybe it will make someone who wants a wig made from real hair feel a little better about facing their reality. My hair will be used to make a wig for someone (tragically it will most likely be a child registered with Wigs for Kids) who has lost their hair due to chemo treatments or severe burns. I have made my donation in honor my great friend Erin Watson.

Thank you Erin for being such an inspiration to me. I love you girl.

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month & I thought this was such a beautiful story. I am very proud of what Misty has done & wanted to share her story with you. Our thoughts & prayers are with Erin, Judy & Leslie as they courageously continue there battle against breast cancer.
Haydn Kree Photography is a part of the Think Pink Photography Network. This is a group of photographers all over the country who donate their time providing complementary portrait sessions to women who have faced breast cancer.
It is a wonderful organization that focuses on "Celebrating Life".
If you would like to learn more about Think Pink check out or
if you would like to talk about a Think Pink session you can contact me at:



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